​Incense Series

In the Incense Series, Mok Yee considers incense as material, using to his advantage the easy accessibility of the material and its availability in many shapes and sizes. He works mainly with small incense, and with the multicultural in mind, he arranges incense associated with different cultural origins to create visual patterns reminiscent of geometric or organic patterns that are commonly found in tilework or architectural decoration. They are a reinterpretation of incense and its function in the private household and publicly, as an item of religious offering. 


The complete pieces are visually compelling, the redolent scent of the incense arrangements also draw attention to its function as an offering burned to the many gods in prayers and rituals. These arrangements are a conscious intervention in the act of incense burning: the transcendent element of incense halted, inviting the audience to consider permanence in a different light.

Net (framed)
Pentagon (framed)
Flower (framed)
Arrow (framed)
Two Bodies (framed)
mata (framed)
Mata 2 (framed)
Flower 2 (framed)
Flower 3 (framed)
pattern 2(framed)
Pattern 1(framed)
pattern 3